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Brenn-B Farms is a 4th generation family owned and operated vegetable farm

Specializing in potato production for more than 65 years the Brenn family has a growing reputation for providing outstanding quality potato packs to retail, wholesale and the food service industry. The scope of our crop production has changed significantly over the generations and will continue to transform in the years to come as our demographics and markets evolve.


The Brenn family embraces the challenges facing agriculture today and maintains a positive outlook for the future of agriculture and their family farm.


Brenn-B Farms offers a full range of potato products and package sizes. We also pack numerous private label brands to accommodate Ontario’s major chain stores and food service companies.

About Anchor
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Dating back to 1842 was the year the Brenn family 1st arrived in Canada. But it was not until 1915 that founder Thomas Brenn (1885-1974) purchased the farm and land that is still known today as Brenn-B Farms. Thomas and wife Maggie started out with a mixed livestock operation and grew a few crops as a way to provide for his family and also feed their animals. One of these crops was potatoes and from here the start of a growing tradition for the Brenn Family.

The 2nd generation consisting of Carl (1927- 2011) and Meryle (1930-Present) continued the heritage of growing potatoes and were responsible for stepping up the potato production in the late 1940’s. At this point, Carl also started producing a few other crops such as strawberries, sweet corn and tomatoes and sold his produce at the Hamilton Farmers Market. A significant milestone for Carl was the purchase of his very 1st delivery truck, a brand new 1948 1 ton Dodge Fargo. This helped the family comfortably and efficiently transport their crop to market allowing them more time to focus on what mattered, producing quality potatoes.

The history of
Brenn-B Farms 
1885 - Present


The 3rd generation took over in 1978 when David Brenn purchased the family farm from his father Carl and continued the growth of the operation. At this point, David (1955-present) and his wife Wendy (1955-present) continued to excel growing and branding their potatoes while developing a solid reputation among the industry for providing top-quality potatoes. While David and Wendy maintained their sweet corn production, they decided to get heavily involved growing more than 200 acres of cole crops which included cabbage and cauliflower. In 1989 David and Wendy were recipients of Canada’s Outstanding Young Farmers (OYF) Program at the national level. The mission of the OYF is to discover, celebrate and recognize progress and excellence in Canadian agriculture and David and Wendy have done precisely that.

Now being owned and operated by the 4th generation, brothers Chris and Shawn have yet again changed the dynamics and crops that are produced at Brenn-B Farms. With large shoes to fill from past generation, Chris and Shawn remained grounded and focused to enhance a family legacy that has been around for almost 100 years.


CPMA Half Your Plate

Brenn B Farms is a proud member of the Canadian Produce Marketing Association (CPMA). We are very excited to be a part of the Half Your Plate Initiative.  


Visit the website to learn easy ways to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into every meal including recipes from Canada's own Chef Micheal Smith, culinary ambassador of Half Your Plate. 


Food Safety & Traceability

Over the past few years Brenn-B Farms has recognized the importance of a compressive traceability system and have invested a great deal of time and resources and with the help of OMAFRA, (Ontario Ministry of Food and Rural Affairs) we believe we have developed a system that is second to none. Brenn-B Farms can follow all of our products through all stages of development, from planting to production to retail distribution. Not only does this helps us monitor many aspects of our business like quality and food safety, but it also gives our customers confidence in our products. Technologies are forever changing, and Brenn-B Farms likes to change with them. We are continually upgrading and updating our systems and processes to ensure that our food safety and traceability system is as effective and thorough as possible.


Consumers seek assurances that the food they purchase is safe and of high quality. Brenn-B Farms is very committed to their role in providing these assurances to our customers and more importantly the final consumers. Brenn-B Farms is routinely audited and certified by CanadaGAP™. CanadaGAP™ is a food safety program for companies that produce and handle fruits and vegetables. It is designed to help implement and maintain effective food safety procedures within fresh produce operations.


Brenn-B Farms is pleased to advise that Cilantro, Dill, Potatoes and Onions as well as production packaging and storage have been certified by NSF-GFTC to conform with the CANADAGAP.

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